DESCRIPTION -- install Type1 fonts into LaTeX tree. This script will run the standard procedure for incorporating a Type1 font into a texmf tree. USAGE [OPTIONS] PATTERN will process all files matching PATTERN*.pfb OPTIONS: --help --texmf-dir=DIR specify base directory for files --namemap=MAP add another map file linking PFB and TeX file names, and full font names --basepfb-dir=DIR where to find the PFB and AFM files. --dvipsmap write map files for dvips --debug do not remove temporary directory EXAMPLE: --dvipsmap \ --texmf-dir /tmp/texmf --basepfb-dir /tmp/adobe/ ag this will install all Adobe AvantGarde fonts (ag*pfb) into a texmf tree located at /tmp/texmf. A map file will be written to (under texmf/dvips/config) When you TEXMF as follows, all tools should continue to work. {/tmp/texmf//,{!!/usr/share/texmf,!!/usr/local/share/texmf}} BUGS: Make sure that file names do not contain any spaces