Review: Demoka M-821 C1

A review of the M821 espresso machine by Demoka.




Demoka is a small spanish company manufacturing espresso equipment and other small electric appliances (among others: meat slicers and blenders). They seem well-known for their line of burr grinders. I already have a Demoka mini grinder, which I use to my satisfaction.

My previous machine (Quickmill 820 Stretta De Luxe - bought second hand for just EUR 120) had just died from internal hemmorhaging. Leaks in the pipes and seals had wetted the internals of the machine, also wiping out the circuitboard. This caused the steam-pulse to die. Since I'm a cappucino addict above everything else, this meant that the machine had to be replaced.

Since my vendor (Van Pommeren, located at the Lijnmarkt in Utrecht, The Netherlands) had always been very friendly and knowledgable about coffee matters, I decided to buy my next machine with them. A HX (heat-exchanger) machine seemed too expensive for my tastes, and too wasteful (I only drink a few cups each day) so I decided to go for the top-of-the-line boiler machine, the Demoka M821 (C1), which is equal to the M820, but uses different switches and has a pressure gauge.

For your information, here are the specifications, taken from the box and the internet.

The machine only comes with a Super-crema filter and a 2 cup basket. A plastic tamper is attached to the machine. It also comes with a Super Crema filter which supposedly makes better coffee from poorly ground coffee. For EUR 599, my vendor gave me a complimentary one-cup basket, as well as a kilogram tin of Gruppo Izzo Arabica d'Oro.

Evaluation: coffee

The quality of the coffee from this machine is good. The machine only makes a modest noise.

Minor irritations:

Evaluation: cappuccino

I have been rather dismayed by this machine's abilities in terms of milk frothing, especially since my clunky Quickmill produced better froth and was quicker and easier to use.

Here are my irritations